Honored to serve #NC09 in the 113th Congress
Why Sir are you honored to serve in the 113th Congress when all the Republicans are doing is blocking every suggestion let out by the Democrats, to the point that this congress is the least functional congress up to date? The position and paycheck may be for the honorable position you currently hold but you and the whole of congress should not feel honored endangering those of us that have college loans, car loans, home and utility bills to struggle to pay each month. Don't feel honored.

Thanks for reaching out.  I am honored to be a member of Congress first and foremost because it is an honor to represent my constituents to their government.  I am also fortunate to work with amazing people in Congress - both Democrat and Republican.  Exactly one year ago, Representative Patrick Murphy (D-FL) and I formed the United Solutions Caucusa bipartisan coalition of freshmen House members committed to bringing fiscal discipline to Washington.  And because I strongly believe we need to return to the concept of a citizen legislature, I do not take a salary as a Member of Congress.

Why exactly are you quoting Obama on something he said jokingly and trying to make it seem like he ment it?

The President made the remark roughly one hour after he unilaterally changed his own health care law - the 23rd time he has done so since July. It speaks to his character.